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School Closure

Emergency Closure Advice for Parents and Carers

Decision to close the school

The decision to close or partially close the School and can only be made by the Head,

in consultation with the Chair of Governors wherever possible.

The health and safety of pupils, staff and volunteers will always be paramount.

We always aim to keep the school open but a decision to close will be based on:

  • Severity of weather conditions
  • Access to essential services (heating, power, water etc)
  • Site safety
  • Staffing levels

Should the need arise to close the school at short notice, parents/carers, staff and

volunteers are advised to note the following arrangements.

Closure before the start of the school day

If the school is unable to open at the start of the day parents/carers, staff and

volunteers are advised to:

Check the following website regularly:

• Dovers Green:

In the event of an emergency closure, the school will aim to:

  • notify Surrey County Council
  • update the Dovers Green website
  • send a text/email to parents/carers and staff. Please make sure your contact details are up to date
  • display informative posters at the school gates

Closure during the school day:

If the school has to close for any reason during the school day (e.g. onset of severe weather, heating system break down), a text/email will be sent to parents/carers requesting they collect their child directly from the school or make alternative arrangements which the school is informed of. The adult collecting your child must sign them out on their teacher’s class list.