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Christmas Bling Your Bike

On Friday 4th December over 50 children arrived at school with their bikes or scooters covered in bling. They had covered their bikes or scooters in tinsel, baubles, foil, Christmas lights and other things to make them look ‘Christmassy’. There was even one that looked like a snowman!

A massive thank you to everyone who took part in our “Christmas Bling Your Bike Day”.  The children thoroughly enjoyed showing off all their creative hard work, well done everyone!!

All children that participated got a winter themed pencil as a prize for taking part. Here are some photos of the fabulous entries.


The Bike It Crew and Teachers chose the winners from each year. 

                        Ladybirds           Year 1                               Year 2


This day encouraged us to be healthy by riding our bike or scooter to school rather than coming in a car. It also helps the environment too.

Community Saturday 

Twice a year we organise a Saturday morning to work with parents to tidy, organise and improve our outdoor learning environment.


We had a brilliant turnout of parents, children, staff and governors. 


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