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Our School Day


8.35 Children can start coming onto the playground
8.40 - 8.50 A formal register is taken followed by curriculum time
10.30 Breaktime for KS1 and Badgers
10.45 Curriculum time
12.00 noon Lunch and playtime
1.00 Registration followed by curriculum time
3.05 End of school day

There are assemblies every day which include attendance, singing and good work. We also have visitors taking assembly. Each term there is a class assembly which parents are invited to attend.

Children in Foundation Stage do not have morning playtime with the older children. This is because they spend more of their time in the outside learning environment than their older peers giving them opportunities for uninterrupted learning. As the children become more settled into school they will attend assembly with the rest of the school.

At the end of the afternoon, parents should wait for their children on the playground except parents of children in Blue Ladybirds who should meet their children at the front entrance to the classroom. If it is wet all parents are welcome to shelter on the terrace. A child will only be handed over to a parent unless instructions have been given for collection by another named adult.

All children must be accompanied to and from school by an adult everyday throughout their time at Dovers Green.

We ask parents to remember that unless it is urgent teachers have more time at the end of the school day to speak to parents.

Safety Outside School

Walking, cycling or scooting is encouraged and will reduce congestion and make the journey to school more enjoyable. We have storage for cycles and scooters at the front and back of the school, although these are left at your own risk.

Parents should use the front gates at all times and not to use the car park entrance. For the safety of all at the school and there is a fenced walkway and electronic gates to the car park to try and prevent any potential accidents involving pedestrians. Please keep to the footpaths and ensure that scooters and bicycles are not ridden in the school grounds.

Parking outside school is limited. If a car journey is essential, parents are asked to consider our neighbours when parking in the roads surrounding the school, ensuring driveways and parking spaces are not blocked. Parking is not permitted in the staff car park at any time unless a prior arrangement has been made with the Headteacher. The exception to this is those parents whose children attend Early Birds Breakfast Club and Teatime Tigers After School Club who are welcome to come into the car park to drop off and pick up.

Child Protection and Safeguarding

Child protection and safeguarding are given the highest priority at Dovers Green. All staff are required to report and record in writing any concerns they may have concerning a child’s well-being. The Headteacher as Designated Safeguarding Lead and or Deputy/Assistant Headteacher as Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads, will decide if any welfare issues should be discussed with, or referred to Social Services.

All members of staff, governors, parent helpers and other adults working or helping in school are DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) checked to ensure they have no criminal convictions that would preclude them from working with children. When appointing new members of staff the selection panel will always contain at least one member trained in safer recruiting.

Equal Opportunities

We are inclusive and work to ensure all children are equally valued while recognising that children present a rich and diverse range of strengths and experiences. This diversity is recognised and regarded positively. We aim to ensure that all parents, carers and children feel part of our school family through regular communication, operating an ‘open door policy’ and providing opportunities for consultation and participation in school life. We enable all staff to have professional development opportunities to support our inclusive procedures and practices.