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Online Safety

Think You Know

The “Thinkuknow” website is brought to you by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) centre. You may have seen some of their video clips on National TV recently.

There’s a lot of information here for both children and adults – parents even have their own area of the site!

Teachers have the chance to train from the professionals and then deliver suitable training in schools.

Fortnite Parents Guide

Fortnite: Battle Royale, has received a lot of media coverage recently due to growing popularity amongst children – and also emerging safety concerns across the media. Over the last few months in school, we have seen the game’s continuing popularity grow; children from Ladybirds to Year 2 tell us they play the game, despite the 12 age rating. With this in mind we have, with the support of the NSPCC website, pulled together some information about the game and how to keep your child/children safe while playing it which is typed below. 

Momo Parents Guide

A recent social media challenge targeting children and young adults called ‘The Momo Challenge’ has caused recent concern throughout the country due to its disturbing nature and ease of access through common platforms that children are using. We have received worrying reports from parents about the challenge, which features a haunting female doll-like avatar. This game conceals itself within other harmless looking games played by children. There have been reports of parts of the game being viewable on YouTube Kids, Peppa Pig, Instagram, WhatsApp and Fortnite. The character is ‘Momo’ and when downloaded tells your child to communicate with them via WhatsApp and a number of other widely used apps. ‘Momo’ then tells your child to self-harm or she will put a curse on them. Children appear not to be telling their parents or carers as the character threatens the children that if they tell, their parents or themselves will get hurt. The recommended advice as always, is to supervise the games your children play and be extremely mindful of the videos they are watching on YouTube. Ensure that the devices they have access to are restricted to age suitable content.