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Dovers Green School

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Courage Page

Miss Salisbury set a Courage Challenge for all the children at Dovers Green School. They were asked to make a poster saying what Courage means to them and draw/write about a time when they have been brave.

Erin in Squirrels Class

Amelie in Otters Class

Emma in Red Ladybirds Class

Ivy in Hedgehogs Class

"The NHS are being super brave right now".  

Noah in  Rabbits Class

Matilda in Owls Class


Ned in Rabbits Class

Kyron in Otters Class

Amber in Owls Class

Leonardo in Blue Ladybirds


Evangeline in Owls Class

Tommy in Owls Class

Archie in Red Ladybirds


Joseph in Foxes Class

Riley in Yellow Ladybirds


Aadam in Foxes Class

Eloise in Blue Ladybirds

Darcey in Blue Ladybirds

Isabelle in Owls Class

Dylan in Blue Ladybirds Class

Dillon in Blue Ladybirds

Magnus in Red Ladybirds Class

Logan in Rabbits Class

Poppy in Red Ladybirds Class