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Dovers Green School

Dovers GreenSchool


Admissions 2021-2022

Admissions Arrangements 2021-2022 Dovers Green

Supplementary Information Form - Children of Staff 2021-2022


Admissions in 2022-2023

The Trust is the admissions authority for all the schools within the Trust, but Surrey County Council manages the process for the normal intake and in-year applications. For details on how to apply as part of the normal intake, please use this link: Surrey County Council.

For In-Year Applications (admissions during the school year) please use the following link: In-Year Applications. 

Admissions Arrangements 2022-2023 (August 2021) Dovers Green

Supplementary Information Form - Children of Staff 2022-2023

Information on primary schools in Surrey 2022-23

Surrey County Council School Admissions Appeals Timetable September 2022

Greensand MAT - Admission Arrangements 2022-2023 (August 2021)


Admissions in 2023-2024

Admissions Arrangements 2023-2024  Dovers Green

Supplementary Information Form - Children of Staff 2023-2024

Determination of School Admissions Arrangements 2023-2024


For more information about the Admission Arrangements to Greensand MAT schools,  please visit the Greensand website

Admission Arrangements for Greensand MAT schools